The ICT Integrators

Business Development

We provide a full range of business development services for both commercial and funded (EU and National) opportunities, covering the complete life cycle from the initial conception to the preparation and submission on behalf of our clients.


We assist organizations to implement Web Enabled, Service Oriented solutions and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) projects using leading Open Source platforms.  We provide a wide range of solutions based on numerous OSS tools, platforms and frameworks.

OSS Support

We provide commercial-grade technical support for open source software offering to enterprises access to numerous proven OSS applications and tools.  Support options include the implementation of Service Level Agreements (SLA) to support both development and production environments.

Compliance with OSS Licenses

Although OSS can be downloaded freely, its use is governed by the terms of a license which can be complex. Complying with these licenses should be part of the OSS strategy of every enterprise that makes use of OSS. 
We provide enterprises with clear and concise reports detailing the license obligations associated with any OSS package and comprising guidelines for achieving full compliance.